Looks like our great weather might be coming to an end. The NWS forecast for Durango is calling for cool and a chance of rain. So, we will keep the ride close to town and away from the mountains.

Meeting Time: 10:30 AM NEW TIME!
Meeting Place: Durango Community Recreation Center
Who: All are Welcome!*
Pace: Base pace – not a race
Route: Start at Rec. Center, North on US 550 to 32nd street, to Holly, to Florida, to North College, Rim Rive, 8th Street, US 160/550 to frontage road, to La Posta, climb to Air Park, La Posta across Weaselskin Bridge, CR 214 climb, back to La Posta to south end, REGROUP, Back to top of Air Park, to La Posta, north to frontage road, to Lake Nighthorse/Wildcat Canyon Loop.
Return to Rec. Center via Roosa, West 3rd Ave, 27th street.
Confused? Check out the Map!

REGROUPS: THREE  MINUTE regroups at top of EACH CLIMB, BIG REGROUP at end of La Posta (nature break…). *If you get to the top first, yeah you won! Now you can either wait for THREE WHOLE MINUTES or go back down and ride up again with someone who is riding slower. This is a group ride – not a training-race!

MapMyRide Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/376607409

National Weather Service for Durango: http://tiny.cc/znjpn

*IMPORTANT: All participants are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Colorado Law states we are allowed to ride a MAXIMUM of 2 abreast and only when we are not impeding traffic. When in doubt please ride single file!

The following items are all that remain from the previous orders. All Items are in NEW condition.

Updated 10/3/14

FSPRO Short Sleeve Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $90, Quantity: 5
FSPRO SS Jersey, Race-Cut LARGE, $90, QTY: 4
Regular SS Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $75, QTY: 1
Reg SS Jersey, Race-Cut LARGE, $75, QTY: 2
Long Sleeve Jersey – Summer Weight Fabric, MED, $85, Qty: 1
LS Jersey, Thermal Fabric, LARGE, $90, Qty: 2
Wind-Vest with Pockets, LARGE, $70, QTY: 1
Wind-Jacket no Pockets, MED, $85, QTY: 1

FSPRO Bib-Short, MED, $110, Qty: 2
FSPRO BiB-Short, 6 Hour Pad, Power Band Leg-Grip, MED, $130, Qty: 1

Women’s TOPS:
Regular SS Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $75, QTY: 1

Women’s Bottoms:)
FSPRO Shorts, Small, $100, Qty: 2

FYI – We will reorder clothing during the off season, but do not have a date yet. The kit design/ color scheme will not change for 2015.
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You can use your smart phone or GPS device to track your rides! It works great and it is FREE! Check it out: http://app.strava.com When you sign up with Strava, you can add your name to the DWC members list and we can see how many miles we all ride together!

The following was written by Tino in the Spring of 2011. It is meant as introduction to people who want to mentor the DWC C-Group. HOWEVER, it is great reading for EVERYONE!!! Interested in becoming a DWC Group Ride Leader? Send us an email!

Click here to read/download/print Group Riding 101 by Tino: GroupRide101TinoSC12