2015 Memberships will be available in January

2014 Members

The 2015 DWC Sponsors will be announced 12/31/14! Click here for our current Sponsors

We will try for a ride on Saturday during the Winter months IF the roads are clear of snow and ice. We will do a group split at the start between those who want to ride at a base-pace, and those who want to ride faster.
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You can use your smart phone or GPS device to track your rides! It works great and it is FREE! Check it out: When you sign up with Strava, you can add your name to the DWC members list and we can see how many miles we all ride together!

I have attached the map for tomorrow’s CX race. Reg opens at 9:30 with Men 3/4/5, Open Women, Collegiate Women, Men 50+ at 11am and Open Men, Collegiate Men, Men 35+ at 12noon. Looks like it is going to start raining right about the time we start racing tomorrow – woohoo! (DH) Continue Reading…

The first 2015 clothing order was placed on Monday, December 1. This order will be delivered by 2/6, 2015. After the pre-orders are filled we should have a few SS jerseys and cycling caps available. Those items will be posted the week of 2/20.  The next clothing order is TBD. Continue Reading…

The following was written by Tino in the Spring of 2011. It is meant as introduction to people who want to mentor the DWC C-Group. HOWEVER, it is great reading for EVERYONE!!! Interested in becoming a DWC Group Ride Leader? Send us an email!

Click here to read/download/print Group Riding 101 by Tino: GroupRide101TinoSC12