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Weekend Rides

Weekend Rides

Saturday A/B 'Winter Ride' meets at Rec. Center NOON -- Saturday C ride meets at bread at NOON -- Sunday CHP ride meets at bread
Upcoming Events
2017 Snowdown Roller Races - Wednesday 2/1/17 at Irish Embassy Pub  

Purchase $100 or more in the 2/12/17  DWC clothing order and get a 2017 basic membership worth $35! If you choose to join this year at either the Supporting or Advocacy level, you will get a $35 credit towards your membership.

Youth SS jersey and shorts are now available!

The 2017 DWC kit will have the same design as last year: Click here for pics of the kit and clothing

To order clothing, you need to set up an account and order online from Voler. You’ll be able to choose the type of pad, zippers, fabric style, etc. Your order will be shipped directly to you. Full instructions are below. Continue Reading…

The Roller Races are back as an official Snowdown event! They are happening once again at the Irish Embassy Pub at 9th and Main. There will be 2 person heats starting at 6pm and every 20 minutes after that with the winners going the farthest in the 15 minute heat. The Snowdown roller races have been going on since 1991 with all the legends competing at some time or another (we have the cardboard results to prove it). It is all about the glory and that unforgettable feeling 10 minutes in.

If you’d like to be a competitor get in touch with Cheeney at [email protected] (Martha and Bags have the first time slot reserved). Its always good to have a partner you’d like to go head to head with.

If you don’t want the glory then be sure to come down and cheer on the folks who do. Tell your friends too as it is a great gathering of cyclists snowdown week!


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