Weekend Rides

Weekend Rides

Saturday 9/6: DWC Champs RR Sunday 9/7: DWC Champs MTB TT NWS Weather for Durango

2014 Durango Wheel Club Championships: September 6, 7 & 11

Saturday 9/6, 9:30 AM: Road Race INFO
Sunday 9/7, 9:30 AM: MTB TT in Horse Gulch - See Below
Thursday 9/11, 5:30 PM: Road TT on La Posta – MapMyRide MAPSTRAVA MAP

Both TT’s will have pre-assigned start times. There will be NO same day Registration!

Women – A
Women – A40+
Women – B
Women – C
Men – A
Men – A40+
Men – B
Men – C

C is for novice beginners with less than a year of race experience!

*Final categories will be determined by how many people sign up! We require at least 5 people per category! Categories with less than 5 riders will be combined.

TO REGISTER: Send Spencer an email with your name, age and the events you plan to do. Final categories will be determined by how many people sign up in each age group and gender.

COST: $10 for each event; $25 for all three. Please pay at/before the start of your first event. You must be a member in good standing to participate! If you haven’t already, please join the DWC with this link: http://tiny.cc/0lfblx

NUMBERS:  You will receive your number before the start of the first event you are registered. Pin your number to the right side of your jersey so that it can be easily read when you are riding. This will be your only number for all events; do not lose this number!

VOLUNTEERS: We will need help at all events! If you are not racing and would like to help out please send Spencer an email!

SCORING: We will be using an omnium points system to determine the overall winners in each category. Omnium points will be determined by finish order for all events using a 30 point sliding scale for the road race and 25 point scales for the MTBTT and RTT. All 3 events will count towards the overall! There will be bonus points for a mid-road race sprint,  riding a “Merckx” TT, or singlespeed MTB TT. 

PRIZES: All Final Category winners will win something unique!* We will have other prizes too! If you or your business has something you would like to add to the prize pool please contact us! 

*In the past we have done jerseys but this is problematic because we have to order a certain amount to make it affordable and we don’t know what sizers to order ahead of time. This years prize might be a jersey, but it could be a vest, it might also be a jersey with an embroidered patch, it might be a medal, or a belt buckle, or something truly unique made by one of our local artists. At this point we don’t know except it will be cool and special!

PARTY! Yes, we will have a party, time and place TBD



This year’s Road Race and Road TT are identical to last year. The MTB TT will be longer than last year and is still TBD. The Road Race will be the same as last year, with 2-4 laps of the upper valley and the finish halfway up Shalona on US 550, just past the railroad bridge. The MTBTT course will consist of familiar trails in the Horse Gulch area!


IMPORTANT: Our top priority is having a safe event. Please keep this in mind at all times! The races will be held on open roads and all traffic rules and regulations will be in effect. All riders must obey all traffic signs and yield to traffic. All riders must ride in a neutral manner through intersections. Anyone taking unnecessary risks will be immediately disqualified! These races are not sanctioned by anyone and are being run by volunteers!

QUESTIONS??? Please send Spencer an email!

The 2014 DWC Championship Road Race will use the same course as last year. We will start at the Durango Community Recreation Center and ride neutral to the north end of the valley and regroup. Then we’ll make 3 of the upper valley, and finish on the US 550 climb known as Shalona. On the second lap there will be a prime worth 3 Omnium points located on CR 250 near Missionary Ridge Rd. (The top of the little climb). The meat of the race will be contested on the north valley loop. This is a tactical race that will reward good all round riders who can also climb!

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You can use your smart phone or GPS device to track your rides! It works great and it is FREE! Check it out: http://app.strava.com When you sign up with Strava, you can add your name to the DWC members list and we can see how many miles we all ride together!

The next batch of clothing (placed on 7/20/14) has arrived! All pre-ordered are currently being filled. If you ordered clothing you will receive an email from Spencer by Friday 8/29. Any leftover clothing will be announced here the week of Labor Day. Continue Reading…

The Inaugural Silverton Ride, Lunch, Rum n’Shuttle was a great success. Everyone who did the ride rode well and we had no mechanicals. The weather looked dodgy at the start but turned out to be ideal. Lunch was a huge spread of tasty food catered by Mel. Bags drove sag and met us at Needles, Coal Bank Pass and Molas Pass. The Montanya Rum Bar was an ideal venue serving up great cocktails. And Matt McFee with Hermosa Tours provided safe and secure transport for everyone!


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