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The following items are all that remain from the previous orders. All Items are in NEW condition.

Updated 10/3/14

FSPRO Short Sleeve Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $90, Quantity: 5
FSPRO SS Jersey, Race-Cut LARGE, $90, QTY: 4
Regular SS Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $75, QTY: 1
Reg SS Jersey, Race-Cut LARGE, $75, QTY: 2
Long Sleeve Jersey – Summer Weight Fabric, MED, $85, Qty: 1
LS Jersey, Thermal Fabric, LARGE, $90, Qty: 2
Wind-Vest with Pockets, LARGE, $70, QTY: 1
Wind-Jacket no Pockets, MED, $85, QTY: 1

FSPRO Bib-Short, MED, $110, Qty: 2
FSPRO BiB-Short, 6 Hour Pad, Power Band Leg-Grip, MED, $130, Qty: 1

Women’s TOPS:
Regular SS Jersey, Race-Cut MED, $75, QTY: 1

Women’s Bottoms:)
FSPRO Shorts, Small, $100, Qty: 2

FYI – We will reorder clothing during the off season, but do not have a date yet. The kit design/ color scheme will not change for 2015.
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The following was written by Tino in the Spring of 2011. It is meant as introduction to people who want to mentor the DWC C-Group. HOWEVER, it is great reading for EVERYONE!!! Interested in becoming a DWC Group Ride Leader? Send us an email!

Click here to read/download/print Group Riding 101 by Tino: GroupRide101TinoSC12