Steve Ilg is offering a 10% discount for all current members!

coach steve ilg’s High Performance Bodywork® in a beautiful downtown Durango space…

keeping many of our local pro’s and others pedaling toward their Highest since 1981….

now is a GREAT time to work on your re-balancing of cycling’s inherent imbalancing of neuromuscular patterning!

come, see me! once every 2 weeks is optimal for most of my pros, or even once a month, point is? see me!

DWC Members get 10% off my Services…

head bowed,
spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg

•) physio/strength coach of Team 7-Eleven (might be before you were born!)
•) the unwise come to me when all other methods (and $) are exhausted
•) the wise come to me first before wasting money on other ‘healing’ or ‘performance’ modalities
•) i was paralyzed, i self healed, i can heal and empower YOU HIGHER!!!

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