DWC Masters Do It at Record Challenge Time Trial and a National Record

  DWC Masters’ Martha Iverson, Walt Axthelm, Phil Shew, and Richard Bagienski raced the Paula Higgins Record Challenge Time Trial in Moriarty NM.  All four raced the 20K certified course over Labor Day.

  The highlight was Walt breaking the 85-89M national record. He now holds the national 20K  road time trial records in the 75-79M, 80-84M, and the 85-89M.

  Martha Iverson was second in the 65-69W 20K. Phil Shew was first in the 75-79M and had the fastest 20K overall. Rich Bagiesnki was first in the 70-74M and the third fastest 20K.

   Moriarty is one of several USA Cycling 20K and 40K certified courses. The Paula Higgins Record Challenge Time Trial has been held over Labor Day weekend for 40 years.


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