It is that time of year when the roads start to fill up with cyclists. And, while it makes many of us grin, there are still a lot of cyclists and motorists who get on the road and become self-centered and aggressive.

The majority of cyclists are excellent at sharing the road and obeying the law. However, there are some who lose their temper when provoked and others who consistently break the law by disobeying traffic laws.

As members of the DWC, I ask you all to be proactive this year and try to ride in a friendly and lawful manner. Please respect our traffic laws, and take the high road when confronted by a motorist!

The La Strada La Plata gravel ride preview with Todd was a big success. About 40 people started and split into two groups for either the 40-mile or 56-mile version. Bags led the 40-mile ride, Todd and I were on the 56-mile version. The 56-mile group rode at a steady pace and regrouped several times so no one would get lost or dropped. Meghan and Cooper set up a surprise aid station at the base of the Glockenspiel with Coke, Swedish fish, and donuts! We’ll be doing a gravel group ride once a month and will let everyone know as soon as we set the schedule.

DWC Members;

Please join me in supporting Bicycle Colorado. Bicycle Colorado is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to make Colorado one of the most bicycle-friendly states in the nation. For 25 years Bicycle Colorado has used advocacy and education to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for people who ride bicycles.

To make a donation and to learn more about Bicycle Colorado please use this link:

Thank you,
Spencer Compton
Member, Bicycle Colorado Board of Directors