A Call for Courtesy!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Durango Bicycle Summit. I thought it was well run and constructive, and it had the potential to lead to some real progress with regard to cycling in and around Durango. During the conference I had the opportunity to talk to several people about the DWC. Most people had good things to say, but some were concerned with how cyclists behave on the road and trails, and more than one person suggested that we do a better job of educating our members of how we should be interacting with others.

With that in mind, I am calling on all members of the Durango Wheel Club to act as ambassadors to our sport, and to ride in a manner that is respectful and courteous.

Courtesy Tip #1: When cycling on the Animas River Trail; Let people know you are approaching, slow down, and pass them slowly. If you must use the trail to get to or from a club ride, please ride slowly!

Tip #2: When cycling on single-track keep a sharp look out for pedestrians and horses and slow way down before you reach them. You might be in-control at high speed, but most pedestrians do not know this. Make contact before you pass them and always yield the trail unless they yield first. If they yield, thank them!

Tip #3: Whenever you pass another cyclist or pedestrian, always call out which side you are passing. On your left is easy to say and to hear.

See you on the road!

Spencer [email protected]

One thought on “A Call for Courtesy!

  1. How about adding the following: when sporting your durango wheel club jersey (or even when not), try sharing the road with motorists and getting into a single file when cars are coming instead of hogging the county roads by riding 3-wide at all times – and I’m not only talking about club rides. This is an unreasonable display of entitlement by many durango cucylists.

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