Road Rage and Aggressive Drivers

Durango Wheel Club member Rick Mull recently had and incident with a gravel truck where he was almost run off the road. It was the second time this happened in three days, so he called it in. The Colorado State Trooper he talked with had the following general comments about what to do in this sort of a situation:

1. If you are the subject of a road rage or aggressive driver you should call *CSP (*277) to report the incident as soon as possible-either using a cell phone at the time, or calling when you get back home. It is important to get the license plate (not always easy to do.)

2. If you call via a cell phone when riding and if there is a trooper in the area, they will try to make contact with the vehicle.

3. If you call and there is no trooper in the area, the information will at least be entered into a vehicle road rage reported database.

4. THE DATABASE IS IMPORTANT. Even though the trooper may not be able to contact the vehicle, each time a call is made on a vehicle the information will be entered into the database. This information is available to all law enforcement officials while in the field as well as the courts should the offender appear in court. Law enforcement officials in the field use this information when determining whether they will write a citation for any offense. Courts use this information when considering the severity of fines and punishment for any traffic offense. When troopers stop a vehicle that has had many road rage calls over the last few months, their reaction to any situation is more severe.

In addition to this basic information Rick was also told:

5. It is not a bad idea to put the *CSP number on speed dial.

6. Never, never, never use obscene sign language! Wave your hand at the driver, motion for them to give you more room (blow them a kiss if you want) but NEVER use obscene language.

7. If the vehicle stops, DO NOT make contact with the driver. Stop at a safe distance, and call *CSP or 911 if you feel threatened. If you don’t have a cell phone on you, make a motion as if you do and pretend to call. Although Durango is a fairly safe place, do not let the situation escalate!

All of this depends on you being able to call the Colorado State Patrol. It is highly recommended that you carry a cell phone with you when you go for a ride!

Ride Safe!