Senate Bill 148 for Bicycle Safety needs a final push!

From Bicycle Colorado:

Bicycle Safety Bill: Still Time To Call
Next Vote May Happen on Thursday or Friday
Senate Bill 148 for Bicycle Safety needs a final push from bicyclists statewide.

Thanks to everyone who called their Representative last week, we still have a chance to pass the House. Now opponents to bike safety are planning a slew of bad amendments in an attempt to kill or weaken the bill. Our bill is scheduled behind a number of others, so the delay is allowing the opposition to come up with more ways to negatively affect it. We need to finish strong and keep making calls.

If you haven’t called your Representative yet, please do so today — the first of two votes in the Colorado House may happen this Thursday or Friday (March 26 or 27). If you already have called, THANK YOU! Please extend your influence by asking a friend or neighbor to call too.

From Jeff Hammett’s Beer N Bikes site:

If you live in the Durango area (anywhere highlighted on this map), your Representative is Ellen Roberts. You can call her Denver office at (303) 866-2914 or email her (but a phone call is always better!) at: [email protected]