UPDATED: Group Ride Safety Guidelines

After the last couple of rides there have been some reports of dangerous riding. When you participate in group ride you have to remember that the most important thing is safety! The following guidelines are meant to expand on the guidelines that all members are required to read when they first sign-up for the season.

Obey all traffic laws including stop signs and traffic lights! This year’s routes have been chosen so that there are a minimum of stop signs and traffic lights. For the few stop signs and traffic lights we do have on our routes, the group has to stop. This is the biggest complaint from non-cyclists about how we ride. If we as a club can demonstrate that we are capable of obeying traffic laws it will go a long way towards improving our communities perception of cycling.

Saturday group rides are rides; NOT races! The purpose of the DWC organized Saturday rides is to give cyclists of all abilities to ride safely in a group. All groups (including the very fast group 1) have pre-determined regroups in the event that the group breaks apart. If you improve your ability to ride in a group it will make you a better racer.

Know your ability! Most people who participate in group rides overestimate or underestimate their ability level. After 2 or 3 group rides you should have a good idea of how fast you are riding and you should join the appropriate group. This will make for better continuity within the groups, which will make for better rides.

Drop to the back of your group if you have to remove clothing! Unless you are an experienced rider do not attempt to take off clothing, unwrap an energy bar, or even reach for a water bottle while riding in the middle of a pack. There were reports, after the last two rides, of riders who have been swerving while attempting to do these things. This makes it extremely dangerous for the riders around you. In some cases you should probably stop completely before trying to disrobe in order to keep from endangering yourself.

Keep your line in the pack, especially around turns! On most rides you will be riding in a pace-line of some type. If the pace is too hard, take a shorter turn at the front. If you have to sit at the back, tell the people around you so that someone is not waiting for you to ride to the front. If you find yourself struggling at the back for most of the ride you need to join the slower group next time. If you don’t know how to ride in a pace-line ask the people around you! We are working to have mentor riders in every group who know the basics of group riding. If you are interested in being a mentor rider, contact Spencer.

See you on the road!
Spencer [email protected]