Saturday and Sunday group ride info: 5/30/09, 5/31/09

The Saturday DWC group ride will be the Breen loop with the Mayday extension. Total distance is 41 miles, total climbing is 2,400′. This ride has a few options to make it longer or shorter. It is a great ride when it is warm outside since the bulk of the ride is around 8,000′. This ride should be especially good on Saturday morning because there is considerably less truck traffic on CO 140.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety and legal concerns, group rides are open to 2009 DWC members who have signed our Letter of Understanding and Group Riding Etiquette Guidelines. All members are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Annual membership forms and one day guest memberships will be available at the start. One day guest memberships cost $3 and are limited to one per person each year.

Meeting time & place: 10 AM, Durango Tech Center.

Route: US 160W to CR 124 (La Plata Canyon to Mayday) to US 160 to CO 140 to CR 141 to US 160.

Finish: Welcome to Durango sign on US160.

Ride Notes: We will have a 5 minute regroup at the top of Hesperus climb and a 5 minute regroup at Mayday.

Click here for a map of the route:

We will try to use 4 groups tomorrow. If the numbers are low we will combine groups.

Group one: Pace: race (25+ on flats). Who A riders; Pros, cat 1-3 racers, very strong club riders, strong collegiate racers. Group ONE departs at 10:00.

Group two: Pace: fast (20-25 on flats). Who B+ riders. cat 3-5 racers, strong club riders, collegiate racers. Group TWO departs at 10:03.

Group three: Pace: medium-fast (17-22 on flats). Who: B riders. Group THREE departs at 10:06.

Group four: Pace: medium-slow (14-19 on flats). Who: C riders. Group FOUR departs at 10:09.

Sunday Ride Info: There is now an informal social ride every Sunday at 10 am. The intersection at CR 240/CR250 is under construction so on 5/31/09 we will mix things up a bit and ride on the newly paved La Posta road!

Meeting time & place: 10 AM, Home Depot southwest parking lot.

Route: La Posta Rd Out and Back.

Variation: La Posta Rd to Hwy 550 to CR 310/318 to Ignacio. Regroup. Hwy 174 to US 160 W, back to Home Depot.

Have Fun!


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