Saturday June 27 DWC Group Ride: Haviland & Beyond

Haviland Lake and Beyond
Meeting Time & Place: 10 AM, Durango Community Recreation Center
Route: US 550 to Trimble Lane to CR 250 (Old Shalona) to US 550 to Haviland Lake; 5-10 minute regroup, US 550 south to CR 203 to 550.
Finish: Welcome to Durango sign on US 550
Who: All Current DWC Members
We will try to use 3 groups on Saturday.
A ride: Pace: race (25+ on flats). Pros, cat 1-3 racers, very strong club riders, strong collegiate racers. Departs at 10:03
B ride: Pace: medium-fast (17-22 on flats). cat 4-5 racers, strong club riders. Departs at 10:05
C ride: Pace: medium-slow (14-19 on flats). Departs at 10:07
DWC Haviland w Old Shalona
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