Criterium this Sunday at Mercy!

Tomorrow morning (7/19) we will hold a criterium at Mercy Regional Medical Center. If you plan to race, please send me an email so that I have a rough idea of how many people we will have: [email protected]

We still need a few volunteers for set-up, registration, marshaling, scoring and clean-up.
We can shuffle people around so that if you want to race and volunteer you can do both. Send me an email if you can help out: [email protected]

At registration we will be selling DWC T-shirts for $12 each. We have them in grey and white and have ladies sizes too! Registration will be open from 8:15 to 9:45.

If we get enough participants this will be our schedule:
8:00 volunteers meet and set-up course
8:15 registration opens
8:30 practice
9:00 C race 30 min + 3 laps, 2 primes
9:40 B race 40 min + 5 laps, 3 primes
9:45 registration closes
10:30 A race 50 min + 5 laps, 4 primes
11:30 clean-up
If we do not get a lot of folks we will combine categories.

A, B, and C races are open and FREE to all DWC members. One day DWC memberships will be available for $5 at the start.

The course will be shortened for safety concerns. Specifically, the sharp off-camber left turn near the ER entrance will no longer be on the course. This will make for a shorter course with less turns, but it will be a much safer course.

DWC MRMC Criterium
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Hope to see you tomorrow!


[email protected]