The City STILL Needs Our Help!!!

We are still short on volunteers to help the City of Durango count cyclists and pedestrians!

PLEASE NOTE: The counts will be made on Tuesday the 8th, Wednesday the 9th and Sunday the 13.
Not on Thursday!!!

We have:
1 spot open on Tuesday from 7-9
2 spots open on Wednesday from 7-9
5 spots open on Wednesday from 4-6
6 spots open on Sunday from 11-1
6 spots open on Sunday from 1-3

Trainings will be held at the Transit Center (250 E 8th St) in the conference room:
Wed. 8/26 at 5:30PM
Thurs. 8/27 a 5:30 PM
Fri. 8/28 at 12:00PM
Mon 8/31 at 5:00PM
Tues 9/1 at 8:00AM

If you can volunteer please contact Amber ASAP!
Amber K. Blake
Multi-Modal Coordinator – City of Durango
[email protected]

Calling all cycling advocates!

Our new Multi-Modal Coordinator, Amber Blake, and the City of Durango needs our help to conduct Bike/Ped Counts for Durango as part of the National Documentation Project on multi-modal transportation. These counts will take place on September 8, 9, & 13 and they will be used as a baseline to help discern what kind of impact our future improvements will have.

This project will help to prioritize funding for multi-modal transportation, including more bike lanes, better sidewalks, wider shoulders, better crossings, etc. For more information on the methodology and the project please see the website:

This is an important project that will directly effect the quality of cycling in Durango!

Amber will have 8 locations on September 8, 9, & 13 and she will need volunteers for each location for 2-hour shifts. The locations will be:
1. CR 250 and Florida
2. Camino and 9th
3. 8th and College
4. E 2nd and 15th
5. Three Springs Blvd @ entrance to hospital
6. 22nd Street at Groovy Bridge
7. 32nd and Main
8. 18th and W 3rd (by Children’s House)

All volunteers will need to:
1. Attend a 30 minute training session to be held at various times from 8/26 thru 9/1.
2. Volunteer for at least one 2 hour block of time.
3. Attend the Celebratory Party!

In addition to the party hosted by the City of Durango, all volunteers will receive 1 raffle ticket for each shift they complete. The volunteer-only raffle will be held at the DWC end of the season party. We will have some very good prizes this year!

[email protected]