2010 DWC Championships MTB Course Info

2010 DWC Championships Course Info
Course report – MTB TT
The course is the same as last years DWC Championships!
The Start/Finish is at the Meadow turnoff 3/4 mile from parking area at 3rd Street up the Horse Gulch road
The Course is Meadow/Stacys/Cuchillo, Length 4.7 miles

Course details: All of the turns are at permanent trail signposts, so the course is generally easy to follow.

. 2 mi Left, Meadow (no other option)
.7 mi Bear Left, stay on Meadow
1.05 mi Right. onto Stacys
1.5 mi Left, stay on Stacys
1.75 mi. Hard Right onto Cuchillo
2.5 mi Stay Left (straight ahead) stay on Cuchillo – Highest point of course
3.9 mi. Hard Right (just after short steep climb)
(4.2 mi Ignore the unsigned T right turn)
Follow trail to finish

(If it helps to navigate – note that after the first left turn into the Meadow, the course is LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT)

Click for DWCC Course maps:
2009 DWC Championship MTB Course
2009 DWC Championship Road TT La Posta V3