2009 Huntsman World Senior Games

Durango Wheel Club Cycling Results at the 2009 Huntsman World Senior Games

Six masters cyclists from the Durango Wheel Club competed in the Huntsman World Senior Games last week in St George, Utah. There were over 300 cyclists at the Games including most of the top masters road cyclists from the western United States and Canada. The Games are for cyclists aged 50 and over. There are age groups every five years with three divisions within each age group. Division I is for experts, Division II for experienced, and Division III for novice. Cyclist compete in four events: a hill climb, a time trial, a criterium, and a road race. Overall awards are given to the top cyclist in each age
group and division.

Walt Axthelm won the overall award for the 75-79 Division I men. He was first in the time trial and criterium and second in the hill climb and road race. Ed Riecke, in his first year at the Senior Games, won the overall award for the 65-69 Division II men. He was first in the hill climb, criterium, and road race, and second in the time trial. Cynthia Ortman won the 55-59 Division II women’s hill climb and would most likely have won the overall had she and her husband not left for a family emergency. Cyndi’s husband, Bruce Liddiard, was sixth in the 55-59 Division II men’s hill climb. Richard Bagienski, who was recovering from the H1N1 flu and pneumonia, was eleventh in the 60-64 Division I men’s hill climb and flatted during the time trial. Martha Iverson, the only competitor in her division, won the overall and set new Huntsman records in the 60-64 Division I women’s hill climb and time trial. Complete results are at http://www.hwsg.com/results/2009/.

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