Edgemont asks for our help…

DWC Members;

The folks who live at Edgemont have asked that bicyclists not use the entrance to Edgemont to regroup after the Edgemont climb. The following letter from the Edgemont General manager explains their position:

“I am writing to ask your assistance in informing the Durango bicycling community about a persistent issue occurring at the Copper Belle entrance to Edgemont Ranch.

The Copper Belle entrance to Edgemont sits at the top of the long uphill grade of Florida Road as you go east towards Lemon Dam. This wide flat spot is often used by bicyclists as a rest area after the long, tiring ride uphill from town. Unfortunately, at times, the congregation of bicyclists at this spot causes a traffic hazard as cars wishing to turn in at the entrance have to avoid bicyclists stopped there. At times littering (power bar wrappers, water bottles, etc) has been an issue. In addition, there have been a number of instances of public urination by bicyclists observed at this spot.

The Edgemont Ranch Property Owners Association and the Edgemont Ranch Metropolitan District ask you to spread the word amongst the bicycling community in regards to these issues. We ask that bicyclists not congregate in the entrance itself but stop on the shoulders of the road out of the traffic pattern so as to avoid creating a traffic hazard. Please ask them to pack their trash out with them and inform them that public urination is unacceptable.

As is with most cases, we are sure that it is a small minority of the bicycling community that perpetrate these offenses. It is our hope that by informing the community of the issues we are having, people will be more aware of the community around them and hopefully peer pressure will attenuate the bad habits of the few.”

This request is reasonable and understandable. Please help spread the word to be conscious of where you stop so that it doesn’t create a traffic hazard, to never litter while riding, and to be discreet should you need to take a nature break.

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