Help Save the Road Apple Trail Network!

The Velo De Animas has been working closely with the BLM and other non-motorized users groups to propose a new plan for the Glade Recreation Area trails (Road Apple Trails) in order to save our otherwise debilitated trail network.

The BLM has posted a public comments page that will be open till January 15th. The VdA would like all interested parties to get online and post there comments and suggestions regarding the Glade Trails. It is very important that non-motorized (Hikers, Bikers, and equestrians) users of the Glade Recreation Area have there say in this new plan. The 4X4, ATV, and Motorcycles groups are all posting comments, so we need to get our comments in also.

Some key points to consider:

  • User Safety on the trail
  • Having an enjoyable experience on our public lands (what experience is important to you?)
  • Increase of illegal ATV, Side-by-Side, and 4X4 use in the Glade
  • Destruction of singletrack by ATVs and motorcycles
  • The annual Road Apply Rally MTB Race that uses these trails that are in poorer shape every year.
  • MTB Trails to ride in the cold months

The VdA trail committee has proposed that a section of the East Glade trail area be designated non-motorized in order to separate the users groups. The VdA wants to save what trails are still existing, and build new singletrack on the East Glade area to bring our mountain bike trail quality back to what it used to be.

Here is the link:

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Thanks for your help and support!

Keith Ashmore
Velo De Animas, President
Farmington, NM
Cell: 505-860-5524
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