A New Link to the Ewing Mesa Map!

La Plata County Manager Shawn Nau has put the Ewing Mesa map online for all to see. It shows the Oakridge Development divided into 54, 35 acre parcels, all the trails in the Horse Gulch network, along with the proposed road connecting Grandview to Durango: http://co.laplata.co.us/pressrel/2010/documents/Ewing_Grandviewconnector2.pdf

Here are a few links to other maps along with the press release regarding the Ewing Mesa/Oakridge letter of intent.

Most recent press release: http://co.laplata.co.us/pressrel/2010/pr012610.htm

The letter of intent: http://co.laplata.co.us/pressrel/2010/documents/LetterOfIntent1.25.10.pdf

This map shows the connector road with possible development along the road: http://co.laplata.co.us/pressrel/2010/documents/Ewing_Grandviewconnector2.pdf

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