Ewing Mesa Info Session on March 3rd!

The Durango Youth Coalition is holding an information session for the public about Horse Gulch & Ewing Mesa on March 3rd, a Wednesday, from 7-9 pm at FLC Chem Hall Room 130. The City will have someone there from their Planning Department, Shaun Nau the La Plata County Manager will be there, Mary Monroe of Trails 2000, and a student from a class at FLC that has been doing research on this area. Brad Clark, the professor heading up those classes that are doing the research, will be moderating.

It is an event that is a part of the Appleseed Series started by the Sustainability Alliance. Each of 6 organizations plans 2 events throughout the year, one per month, so that each month there is a different event somehow related to local sustainability issues. So, we decided to do this one on Horse Gulch since that has been a hot topic as of late, and something that a lot of young people are interested in due to the trails system there. We aren’t having it as a rally, because I think the real problem at this point is that most people, particularly young people, don’t know what is happening there as far as the city and county’s standpoint and what they’ve been talking about for years and years. So we hope this event will be the opportunity for them to figure that out, and then they can ask more informed questions about development, etc.


Riley Neugebauer

Founder, Durango Youth Coalition


[email protected]