Missing Sidewalks in Your Neighborhood?

Amber Blake (our super-fantastic Multi-Modial Coordinator for the City of Durango) recently sent us this email and an attached form that can be used to report missing sidewalks. If you know of a missing sidewalk in your area please fill out this form and send it back to Amber before March 15th!


I am gathering information about missing sidewalk links within the City. Attached you will find a form that can be scanned and returned to me. The data will be used in the Master Plan. I know there are numerous areas that have sidewalks that need to be replaced, but what I am looking for is areas where sidewalks are missing. Please feel free to send this along to anyone you feel would be interested in helping collect this information.

Missing Sidewalk Link Report Form (PDF – click to open in a new window, or right-click to save a copy to your computer)

List the missing links like this:
EX1 – 342 Spruce St to 562 Spruce St.
EX2- 34th ST from 3rd Ave to 6th Ave. on the North side of the Street.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a Great Day!

Amber K. Blake
Multi-Modal Coordinator – City of Durango

[email protected]