DWC Ladies Rides & Jersey!

After getting your feedback we have decided that (initially) there will be two new opportunities for women to ride and train together. Martha Iverson is organizing a team of women who are interested in doing some racing and/or harder training rides. This group is open to all women although, so far, most of the interest seems to be at the Masters (40+) level. Contact Martha at [email protected] if you are interested. Please include your age and if you are interested in racing or just some harder training rides. We will have a sign-up sheet for these groups at the annual meeting on March 30.

We will also have group rides for women who are just getting into cycling and would like some instruction, or who want to gain confidence in riding in a pack, or who simply would prefer to ride with other ladies. These rides will have an experienced ride leader for every ride and will be no-drop, no-boys, non-competitive rides. Marisa Asplund and Kristin McGrath have volunteered to help lead these rides; they are both very experienced riders who have a wealth of cycling knowledge! The first ladies ride will be Sunday April 4th; meeting place, time and route TBD.

We have also decided to have a ladies DWC jersey based on the same design as our regular club jersey but with a different color scheme. We have not nailed down the colors yet but it is safe to say that the jersey will not be black and red, and it will be brighter and lighter than our standard kit.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to reserve one send Spencer an email by Sunday at midnight! Be sure to include your size and style (either race-cut which is long and lean, or club-cut which is looser fitting.) Each jersey will cost no more than $75 (less if we order 100+). There is NO obligation to buy but we need to have a rough idea of how many to order. These jerseys will be available mid-May.