Update on Saturday’s Accident

As many of you already know, and for those of you who don’t, Stephanie Trudeaux had an accident on CR 250 just north of Trimble on Saturday’s group ride. Her injuries required a call to 911 and a subsequent ambulance ride to Mercy Medical. It was determined that she has 2 broken ribs and a lacerated liver, along with a few broken teeth and a few cuts to her face requiring stitches. The main concern now is the monitoring of her liver. They will be keeping her in the hospital until atleast Tuesday to make sure the liver is no longer bleeding. The doc expects her to make a full, albiet slow recovery back to health. We are grateful that her injuries are not any worse, as they most certainly could have been.

Steph and I would like to thank everyone who has offered calls and emails of support and well wishes. We are grateful for the outpouring of support by all our friends, family and extended DWC family. A big thanks to everyone in the group on Saturday for stopping and doing whatever to help. Also, a big thanks to the couple who offered to take our bikes back into town, and to whomever brought our bikes back to our house for us.

When accidents like this unfortunately occur, it is a good reminder to keep safety first in the forefront of our minds and ride within our limits.

Rob Trudeaux

[email protected]

2 thoughts on “Update on Saturday’s Accident

  1. Gee Rob, How awful for that to happen. I prayer for her recovery and good insurance….
    Your right it is a good reminder to ride within our limits. Always on that edge in control.
    You and Stephanie are in my prayers. Best Wishes my friend.

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