Yoga for Cyclists after IHBC: May 29th!

With 2x Iron Horse Champion
A donation class for the 2010 Global Seva Challenge
SATURDAY, MAY 29 5:00-6:15pm
At Yoga Durango: 1485 Florida Rd, Bld C, Suite 201

The perfect RECOVERY and CELEBRATION after the ride!

At the most basic level, cycling is a sport of balance—the balance of two thin tires that lean in impossible angles to the earth. The irony is that the life and physiology of a cyclist are a perfect example of IMbalance. Through one-dimensional, repetitive movement certain muscle groups are strengthened while others are untouched. The true integrated power of the body is untapped and the cyclist is vulnerable to injury. Yoga can help you to:

– Strengthen unused muscle groups to create balance and greater efficiency

– Improve your physical strength and balance to reduce both overuse and traumatic injury

– Enjoy faster recovery

– Increase proprioception and bodily awareness

– Place weight bearing strains on the musculoskeletal system to reduce the risk of osteoporosis

-Learn to use breath efficiently

All proceeds will benefit Off the Mat, Into the World and the 2010 Global Seva Challenge!

As a participant in the challenge, Mara has committed to collaborating with her local communities to raise $20,000 for humanitarian efforts in South Africa this year. 100% of your donations will go directly to organizations such as YouthAIDS, TAC and Linawo Children’s Home to finance health and education programs that will provide tools andresources for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.


Mara has been a professional cyclist for four years, was the 2007 US National Champion and was 2nd at the 2009 Women’s Giro d’Italia. Her success in the cycling world has risen in tandem with a deepening yoga practice. Through yoga, she has not only acquired physical balance and strength but also the mental balance and clarity to bring health and bliss to the lifestyle of a professional athlete.


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