Saturday 9/18 C Group: Ride to KSUT!

On Saturday two groups will ride to the KSUT studio in Ignacio, Colorado in support of the KSUT fall pledge drive! The A/B group will take the long way around (click for post), the C group will do an out and back from Santa Rita Park! This ride will be announced on air while you are riding to the station. KSUT will have refreshments for all who make the trip!

This ride is 44.6 miles long with a few short climbs. The roads are busy but the shoulders are wide!

NEW Meeting Time: 9:30 AM!

Meeting Place: Santa Rita Park
Route: Please see Map!
Pace: Slow to Medium with regroups just past Elmore’s Corner and at KSUT
Map My Ride Link:
Map My Ride Map:
Santa Rita Park – KSUT Ignacio
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