2010 DWC Champs Road Race UPDATE

The 2010 DWC Championship Road Race will use the same course as last year. We will start at the Durango Community Recreation Center, and finish on the US 550 climb known as Shalona. The meat of the race will be contested on the north valley loop. This is a tactical race that will reward good all round riders who can also climb! UPDATED: 10/8, 2:42 PM

Meet at the Durango Community Recreation Center at 9AM on Saturday October 9th!

The Route:
US 550 north for 12.4 miles, right onto CR 250 south for 7 miles, right onto Trimble Lane for .9 miles, right onto US 550 north for 5.2 miles (repeat loop 2-4 times depending on group). On the last lap continue north on US 550 for 1.3 miles (Shalona), finishing in the parking area just past the train bridge.

Route Description:
We will all start together at the Durango Community Recreation Center and ride in a NEUTRAL manner past the train tracks at the north end of the valley. This will make for a good warm-up, it will allow us to safely go through the light at Trimble Lane, and it will allow us to get past the one train that could delay our groups. Once past the north tracks we will briefly regroup and send off two groups with a 3 minute interval between the groups. We will have a drop box if you want us to bring a jacket or small bag to the finish!

Final Groupings:
Group one (Cat A and 40+). 4 laps of the upper valley, total distance: 66 miles
Group two (Women and Cat B). 3 laps of the upper valley, total distance: 53 miles
(The C category has been combined with the B category due to low participation)

The finish will be in the parking area just past the train bridge on Shalona. We will have water, Coke beverages, and snacks at the finish.

This race is an unsanctioned event and must be treated like a group ride. We are sharing the road with other motorists and we must obey the rules of the road at all times!

Do not ride more than 2 abreast, call it out of there is a vehicle that needs to get around your group.

On CR 250 there is a stop sign at the intersection of Trimble Lane. IF THERE IS ANYONE AT THE INTERSECTION YOU MUST STOP! We will have a marshal at the intersection to stop the group if motorists are present. Failure to listen to the marshal will result in immediate disqualification from the event!

Questions? Send them to Spencer at [email protected]