A/B Group Ride for Sat 4/23: IHBC Quarter Horse!

Meeting Place: Durango Community Recreation Center
Meeting Time: 11 AM
Who: 2011 DWC members, A/B groups
A group: Pace: Fast! Pros, cat 1-3 racers, very strong club riders, strong collegiate racers. Departs at 11:03
B group: Pace: medium-fast (17-22 on flats). cat 4-5 racers, strong club riders. Departs at 11:07
Route: 550 north to Purgatory, regroup at Needles on the way back!
Variation: If the weather is good, the fast group will ride to Coal Bank Pass, regroup at Needles.
Sprint: Welcome to Durango sign on US 550.

IMPORTANT: For safety and legal concerns, Saturday group rides are open to 2011 DWC members who have signed our Liability Waiver. All members are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Annual membership forms and one day guest memberships will be available at the start. One day guest memberships cost $3 and are limited to one per person each year.