TODAY! 5/22: Criterium at MRMC!


We will be giving away DWC T-shirts, water bottles and socks! If you have something you want to give away as a prime, bring it down!

We will be selling the commemorative IHBC – DWC jerseys and vests at the crit (only items being sold today). This is your last opportunity to pick one up! (you can still have one delivered for $5)


Sunday Crit Schedule:
8:00 volunteers meet and set-up course
8:30 registration opens
8:35 course open for practice
9:00 C race 30 min + 3 laps, 2 primes*
9:35 B race 40 min + 5 laps, 3 primes
10:30 A race 50 min + 5 laps, 4 primes (A riders should show up by 9:30 in case we need to combine categories)
11:30 clean-up
If we do not get a lot of folks we will combine categories.
*we will have a lot of primes this Sunday!

The Mercy course is a short 6 turn course with a slight rise to each lap. We have control of the space and the road is closed to all but us! The road condition is very good. If we need to cancel the race due to weather, we will post this info to the website at 7am sunday morning!

All races are open and FREE to all 2011 DWC members! One day DWC memberships will be available for $5 at the start. For safety and legal reasons you must be a member to participate!

All participants may race in all races! (A riders will not be eligible to win the B or C races, A & B riders will not be eligible to win the C race.)

DWC MRMC Criterium
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Hope to see you Sunday!