6/12 Sandia Crest Race Info

Albuquerque’s Sandia Crest Road Race will be held June 12th. Registration for race now has a permit in process with USAC. Look for registration info in a few days at nmcycling.org

Course information from last year:

Long Course (57 miles 7800 feet of elevation gain): SM P,1,2 & SM 3 start one block south of Tramway and Central Ave, go east on NM333 to Tijeras. Turn north on NM14 to NM344, right on NM344 up Heartbreak Hill and past Cedar Grove to Frost Road. Right (west) on Frost Road to NM535 (the Crest Road), continue up to the finish. The feed zone will be located at race mile 46 before the start of the final climb.

Short Course (29 miles 5600 feet of elevation gain): SM 4&5, Masters 50+,& 60+, SW 1,2,3&4, and Citizens take the same course to NM14 but turn left on NM535 at the “Triangle” and up to the finish.