UPDATE #1: DWC Champs MTB TT & Road TT

The DWCC MTB TT course is essentially the same as what we have used for the past several years, (Meadow, Stacy’s Cuchillo loop) but is now slightly longer because some sections of the trail have been re-routed. The locations of trail intersections have not changed.
Length is about 5 miles, with about 1000 feet of climbing.
Start is at the Meadow trailhead about 3/4 mile up the Horse Gulch Road (End of E. 3rd St.)

First rider off will be at 5:30 PM on Tuesday 9/11. Start list will be posted Monday night.

Course Navigation – Turns at intersections marked by signposts
R or L means takes the Rightmost or Leftmost option but in cases noted with an (S) that means essentially going straight (S)

L @ Sign #31 ~ .2mi (Meadow Loop – no other option)
(Note that from here it’s L-R-L-R-L-R)
L – .7 mi. @. Sign #39 (onto Stacy’s loop)
R – 1.05 mi @ Sign #36 (Stacy’s loop)
L – 1.5 mi @ Sign #46 (Stacy’s loop)
R (S) – 2.15 mi. @ Sign #42 (Begin Cuchillo – Last year this was a hard right! )
L (S) – @ 3.0 mi (High Point Cuchillo – 7300 feet)
R- 4.3 mi. @ Sign #40 4.3 mi. (on to Meadow Option)

Finish @ 5 Miles
Link to MTB TT course map with better scaling:

Road TT: