Moab Gran Fondo Race Summary

Moab Gran Fondo Race
Summary courtesy of Bucket List Bike Tours

It was perfect weather for the Third Annual Gran Fondo Moab road race. The temperature was in the high 70′s and there was no wind going up the valley to the La Sal Mountains. Durango road racers, as usual, did very well. New to road racing is Sheena who took a stellar first place in her division. Nice! Rebecca Kauffman won her division (along with those awesome Zipp 404 wheels). Rebecca’s hubby Dave rode this year minus 40 pounds of weight (I didn’t even recognize him, he looks so buff!). And, as everyone would expect, Marissa Asplund won her division and the overall women’s division. For the men, Bob Kyper had a sweet spot in his division with a nice tempo throughout the race. Joel Richards took fourth in his division and thirteenth overall.

Brand New Zipp 404’s $2700 retail price. I am so STOKED!…..
For Rebecca Kauffman. Yeah Rebecca. She won these puppies in the Gran Fondo Moab raffle. Ok, yes I am definitely a bit green about this. And this doesn’t mean green in the fresh, organic, hippy way, but in the very envious, really I hate that you have all the luck way. I congratulated her with a plastered smile countenance which only the most naive of people couldn’t see through. Really, I tried to be happy for her. It’s just, well, I selfishly wanted those wheels myself. Alas.
Well, a computer doesn’t have a countenance, so Rebecca… CONGRATULATIONS!!