Saturday, 6/9 A/B/C Group Rides: La Posta – Bondad – 307 – Edgemont

On Saturday, 6/9 all groups will meet again at Santa Rita Park at 9 AM. All groups will ride to the end of La Posta together, the B/C ride will turn around, the A/B rides will continue on with a 56 mile loop with some dirt!

IMPORTANT: For safety and legal concerns, all DWC group rides are open to 2012 DWC members who have signed our Liability Waiver. All members are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times!

Meeting Place: Santa Rita Park
Meeting Time: 9 AM
A/B Route: US 160 frontage – CR 213 (La Posta) -US 550N – CR 310 – CR 309A – CR 307 – CO 172 – Elmore’s Corner – CR 234 – Edgemont – CR 240 – North College – Rim Drive – E 8th St – Santa Rita Park… Please look at the map!
B/C Route: US 160 frontage – CR 213 (La Posta) to the end, turn around. Airport Climb and Weaselskin climbs are optional!
Meet-up for Beer at Ska in Bodo after the ride!

Important: Bring an extra tube, patch kit and pump! You can use a road bike, but use the beefiest tires your frame can accommodate. A cross bike would probably be ideal for this ride. Bring a copy of the La Plata County and Durango Area Bike Map and you wont get lost! And please look at the Map My Ride map link before you do this ride!

MapMyRide Map:

La Plata County Cycling Map:

Questions? Send Spencer an email: