July 4, Kennebeck Pass Ride Info

Weds. 4th of July ride Kennebec Pass loop meet 6 AM at Schneider Park. (or whenever you and your group want to leave, earlier the better, please be courteous on the trail and pick up your trash) Mayday / Kennebec pass / CO trail from town to town, epic, awesome and traditional Durango ride. This is a huge ride especially if not used to mountain biking and you are out there and on your own (unsupported ride).

consider the following if you choose to do this ride:

-lots of water and/or way to filter or treat water…and some food but you don’t want to run out of water
-porta-johns at Hesperus store or campground bathrooms in La Plata Canyon orhttp://www.trailspace.com/articles/backcountry-waste-disposal.html
-start early to get over the pass to avoid PM storms and lightning
-sunscreen, rain gear, tools/tubes, chain lube, emergency stuff, etc.
-don’t start a fire

From last years ct jamboree. Not a lot apply to this ride but sweet pictures. First one from Colorado Trail looking across towards Kennebec pass, Columbus & Cumberland Basin?? Kennebec ride hooks up with CT east from where picture taken. http://www.flickr.com/photos/zimski/5978123491/in/set-72157627286899084