T2K DWC Trailwork Day is Aug 1st

DWC Trails 2000 Trail Work Day: Wednesday, 8/1

Trails 2000 is in need of 10-12 fit individuals to ride up to the Twin Buttes trail and meet the Trails 2000 crew to undertake some handwork on a newly built trail. The work is not burly but getting to the point requires Wheel Club style fitness.

Please RSVP to Spencer if you are able to participate in this trail work party on Wednesday 8/1 from 4-7pm. Trails 2000 will provide pizza and beverages. T2K and/or Spencer will send details on when/where to meet.

In adition…

Trails 2000 is holding the Durango Trails Festival at Twin Buttes, the same weekend as the Pro Challenge, on Saturday, August 18th. This is a fun, team mountain bike and/or trail running event. It would be great to have a few Wheel Club teams participate and show our support. To enter, please visit trails2000.org