Walt Update

8/16/12 — Good News! Although Walt’s pelvis is cracked in three places none of the breaks were displaced and he did not need surgery! He is moving around on crutches and should make a full recovery!

8/13/12 As many of you know, local cycling legend Walt Axthelm went down hard during the Saturday USA Pro Challenge group ride. The unofficial report is that he has a busted pelvis but that the rest of his body (and head) is OK. The good news is that he will be home soon!

Walt reports: “Thank you for all the help I received on the day of the crash and the various checkups, this is the GREATEST TOWN”

Please send your well wishes to DWC Contact and I will post them on the site.

Hope you are feeling okay and I am sure we will see you out riding again soon. – Todd Beattie