DWC Champs Men’s & Women’s OVERALL

The Women’s overall is determined by final Omnium Standings in Women’s Division.

Final Women’s Overall Standings:
1. Rebecca Balboni
2. Krista Park
3. Dana Shin
4. Robin Tiles-Fitzpatrick
5. Betsy Richards
6. Barbara Dahl
7. Maria Santiago
8. Leah LeSage
9. Ellen Tomsic
10. Gretchen Spitler
10. Melanie Russek-Allen

The men’s overall is determined by top overall placing total within each race, best 3 out of 4, tie goes to higher place in RR.

Final Men’s Overall Standings:
1. Dave Carey – 5 (3rd crit, 1st TT, 1st RR)
2. Jon Delacey – 6 (2nd crit, 2nd TT, 2nd RR)
3. Christopher Blevins – 7 (1st Crit, 1st MTB TT, 5th RR)
4. Ivan Unkovskoy – 8 (2nd MTB TT, 3rd TT, 3rd RR)
5. Jason Quenzler – 11 (5th crit, 3rd MTB TT, 3rd TT)

NOTE: The mens overall is NOT the final order I announced at the party at Ska! Apologies to Ivan for getting it wrong! -SC