Betsy Richards Accident: UPDATE 11/28/12

UPDATE (11/28/2012)

Betsy has been posting regular updates to her Facebook page. You can follow her progress here:


UPDATE (11/16/2012)

Below is a message from Betsy:

Hi and thanks for all the support from my friends and family. My family has been really supportive: giving me lots of food and foot rubs.

Last thursday I was headed down La Posta Road for an easy ride. All I remember is a flash of chrome, then I remember propellers from the flight for life. I remember asking the paramedics on the flight what happened. The rest is a blur and I keep seeing brief flashes of what happened.

I remember hearing being taken off the plane and I remember hearing the ambulance on the ride to the hospital. I don’t remember anything much of anything after that.

I feel really lucky to be alive and not paralyzed and that I will be able to walk again. Right now the prognosis is that it will take 3 mos before I can stand and 6 mos before I can walk.

I have the best surgeons and urologists and they did some very creative work on my bladder to get it to drain.

My left foot flops, but I’m hoping and assuming it will come back.

My first surgery was on my pelvis. I had another surgery on a Morrel wound to prevent infections. I have another surgery tomorrow to clean out my pelvis and repair my wrist. On Tuesday I hope to have the final surgery to repair the front of my pelvis.

Thanks for everyone’s support and I appreciate my family and as soon as I can type I will keep people posted as to what’s happening. I miss cyclocross racing and wish I could be racing this fall.


UPDATE (11/15/12)

Here is another update on Betsy:

Betsy was moved from ICU to a Step Down care unit today. The staff at the ICU said they were all “In Awe” at how well she is doing given what she’s been through.

Last night the docs did some minor surgery to clean up and drain some lesions to help prevent infections. Surgery went well and they found no signs of infection in the lesion.

Today was a recovery day with some work on breathing and tomorrow she will start PT.

Her next big surgery is now scheduled for Sunday. This surgery will be to re-construct the front of the pelvis.

Betsy has made an amazing recovery given what she’s been through and we celebrate the progress she makes each day.

So many people asked what they can do to help so my sister, Alison Reed, set up an account at first national bank for Betsy. You can read more about it here:

Another thing people could do to help is to simply donate blood.

Thanks again for all the love and support during this time.

Joel Richards
Owner/Web Developer

J3media, inc
1309 E Third Ave. #23
Durango, CO 81301


UPDATE (11/14/12)

Alison Reed (sister in law of Betsy) recently opened an account at First National Bank in Durango to allow for direct contributions to help cover the expenses that Betsy and Joel will have to endure for the foreseeable future. All you have to do is let the teller know that you have a donation for Betsy Richards and they will take it from there!


UPDATE (11/12/12)

A letter from Joel;

Hi All
My apologies if there is too much information here, but its probably better than leaving people wondering whats happening.

Yesterday Betsy was in surgery for 8 hours. The urologist re-constructed her bladder and attempted to seal the tear in it. He also inserted a catheter and several drains to keep urine from draining into the pelvis and vaginal areas.

Orthopedic surgeons drained an area on her right hip where the skin, fat, and muscle tissues had been torn and separated from each other. A major nerve in that area had been bruised but luckily sustained no more damage than that.

They also worked on the back of the pelvis to get it stable. There will be more surgery on the back of her pelvis as things progress.

The surgeries went well. She was stable and the docs said blood loss was minimal (which is why they waited to do the surgery). When the urologists are certain that the bladder is not leaking, the orthopedic surgeons will go in and work on the front of the pelvis.

Betsy will be unable to stand for 3 months. But she is also strong and healthy and the recovery could go way faster than the doc’s best guess.

I’d rather be down there looking forward to a Monday evening talking about cycling. Betsy’s family is going to buy her an iPad this morning so she can listen to audio books and watch videos.(I tried to get up there in time yesterday AM so she could watch the Women’s SuperPrestige CX race on my laptop, but didn’t make it.)

When the surgeries are done and Betsy is more together we’ll start trying to figure out what to do next.

I am very grateful for everyone’s emails, text messages, and Facebook messages offering support. They really help. Betsy has been very grateful for the outpouring of support as well.

Joel Richards


UPDATE (11/10/12) Joel reports; “Betsy is a lot better today. Color is coming back to her face and she is talking much more. We are going to talk to the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon.” (a very good sign).

“[I am] amazed at how much better she is today after what she has been through.”


UPDATE (11/9/12) – Joel reports that Betsy is awake and comfortable and is out of critical condition.


On Thursday 11/8 Betsy Richards was hit by a car while riding her bike. Betsy suffered serious injuries to her pelvis and had to be flown to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver. Joel is with her.


I will continue to update any new information to this post: