Tour of the Gila Information

UPDATE 1/16/2013

Fron the ToG Race Director:

Men’s A race expanded to Cat 1,2,3;

Registration for the 2013 SRAM Tour of the Gila has been extremely positive and it looks like we’re in for a fantastic race this year! We are thrilled that the Master Men B race is already full after only two weeks. However, we may have made an error in not originally opening the Master Men A race to Cat 3 riders. The Master Men A Race opened today to Cat 3’s. The five-day Master Men A race includes Stage 1 from Silver City to Mogollon. Initially we were concerned that Cat 3’s would not be competitive alongside Cat 1 and 2 riders. After speaking with several Cat 3 men, we realize we may have underestimated their ability and we apologize. Cat 3 Master Men can now enter the Master Men A race for $140, and Cat 3 Men who have already entered the B race and would like to upgrade to the A race can do so for an additional $25. If you would like to make this change, contact Jack at [email protected]

Thank you,

Jack Brennan
SRAM Tour of the Gila Race Director

UPDATE 1/3/13, 10:30 AM

I just had an email echange with the Gila Race Director. It turns out the field size is 125 for the Men’s B! Currently 85 riders are signed up including 7 DWC members (5 riding for the DWC, one riding for Colavita, one unattached).


UPDATE 1/2/13, 1:32 PM

78 riders are signed up for the Men’s B 40+. Last year the group max was 85! Sign up today if you want to race in this category! Full refund until 3/1/13!


UPDATE 1/1/13, 10:24 AM

49 riders are signed up for the Men’s B 40+ cat 3/4 including DWC members Dale Kneller, Tom Ober, Bob Kyper and Spencer Compton.

Last year the group maximum was 85 riders! If you want to race sign up now!


UPDATE 1/1/13, 12:15 AM

27 riders have signed up for the Men’s B, 40+ cat 3/4. If you are interested is racing in this category you should sign up soon. The race director will give a FULL REFUND until March 1st. So even if you are undecided you can sign up and get your money back if you change your mind.


Registration is open fo the Tour of the Gila! Go to the race website for the scoop: