ACTION NEEDED! Send your email supporting bike lanes by 2/15!

A few weeks ago I blogged about my meeting with CDOT, and many of you have responded. Just to make sure everyone knows what the plans are for the 160/550 intersection, I’m posting this slightly updated version of my report. -SC

DWC Members;

I recently had a very constructive meeting with representatives from CDOT and the City of Durango Multi Modal staff regarding the inclusion of bike lanes into the US 160/550 redesign project. The meeting was held by Thomas Humphrey who is the CDOT project manager on this project.

The project area includes: US160/550 south towards Santa Rita Park, west on US 160 to Roosa Ave., north through College, 7th Street and ending on the south side of 8th Street. The plan for the project area includes bike lanes, bicycle triggered signals, road markings and signs in compliance with CDOT and National standards.These additions were due in large part to input from the public during two hearings held by Thomas and the City late last year. I attended and spoke at these hearings on behalf of Durango cyclists.

I believe the plan would be a step in the right direction for Durango cyclists. The newly designed intersection would create a gateway design that shows Durango and CDOT are serious about cycling and cyclist safety. For too many reasons to list, I believe that we need alternative modes of transportation in and around Durango and I believe that one of the most effective modes of alternative transportation is the bicycle.

In order to accommodate cyclists we need well marked bike lanes and separated facilities like bike boxes; it is better for cyclists and it is better for motorists too. If we can add effective bike lanes at this intersection (the busiest intersection in Durango) and if we can get CDOT to install them, it sets a great precedent for future road improvements. Specifically, bike lanes could be easily extended North on Camino Del Rio and Main Ave., East on College, South towards Santa Rita Park, and West on US 160 towards the Tech Center, Twin Buttes and Wildcat Canyon.

In order to get bike lanes in the final project design, CDOT needs to hear from the public that this is what we want. Even though Thomas and the City of Durango Multi Modal staff support the bike lanes there is simply too much old-school thinking in CDOT for it to be approved without public support. CDOT needs to be encouraged to follow their own policies and design guides, so please send an email to let CDOT know that you support this plan!


Send an email to Thomas Humphrey: [email protected]
Be sure to CC to Amber Blake: [email protected]
And CC to Spencer Compton: [email protected]

Points to consider including in your email:

You are a motorist and a cyclist.
You support the proposed bike lanes for the 160/550 redesign.
You think properly installed bike lanes, boxes and other treatments are safer for cyclists and motorists alike
You think bike lanes at this intersection would be great step towards improving the bicycling infrastructure in Durango

Please send this email of support by Friday, 2/15.

For a more detailed version of the meeting please go to this link on the DWC website:

I hope you join me in supporting the proposed addition of bike lanes to the US 160/550 intersection redesign.

If you have any questions please send me an email.


Spencer Compton
[email protected]