IHBC CC THEFT UPDATE: Letter from IHBC Director

The IHBC was made aware of a possible credit card information breach related to the IHBC on Monday Feb 11 by two individuals who were local. The IHBC immediately made contact with our host server, and Web Technician. No immediate issues were identified, we then contacted our Credit Card Processors (Mercury Payment Systems and Plug and Play). On Wednesday Feb 13 we received additional concerns regarding the breach (we had 2 Monday, none Tues, 15 Weds including my own card being impacted). We have been completely engaged with all pertinent entities including Law Enforcement the entire day, As of this evening (Wednesday Feb 13) we have not identified what or where the breach may have originated or existed.

Additional outside resources are being utilized to try to help identify the source. When we have pertinent information we will convey that message.

Once again all efforts are being made to identify what may have caused this to happen and get it resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience and worry.

Gaige Sippy