Swag Update 6/5

I am sure many of you are wondering where your stuff is… Here is the current update:

6/5: Socks and tees are still on the way… It seems everyone is backed up this year. As soon as anything comes in I’ll make an announcement.

4/29: If you joined the DWC on 4/26 or earlier, your stickers, ID cards and extra surprise bonus swag thingy Patti will arrive this week or early next week, depending on the PO.

4/26: The new socks are being made at SockGuy and are slated for delivery in late June; much later than I anticipated. SO, for the Advocate and Supporting members you will be getting an extra surprise bonus thingy with the ID cards and stickers! The T-shirts are still slated to be delivered on time before the IHBC.

Again, I apologize for the delays this year! -Spencer