Zia Taqueria Short Track MTB Series

The Zia Taqueria Short Track series is back for year 6! This years title sponsor is Zia once again and please take note that they have a new location opening next to Big 5 so check em out!
The first 3 wednesday races will take place at the Factory Trails of Fort Lewis College. This is located at the southern most tip of the FLC mesa. Parking for the race can be tricky so please take note that you may have to park on campus away from the Factory Trails.
It costs 5 dollars to race and the B’s go at 530 with the A’s following at 6pm. Races last 15-20 minutes and are action packed.
A category racers are typically cat 1 to pro racers of all ages and the B’s are Cat 2-3’s. Juniors and age groupers are not separated in results as this is intended to be a fun training and skill work experience. Results are posted on the Devo Blog night of the race, so follow along. If you have any ideas for future course layouts and venues, please feel free to let me know what ya think.
This is a Durango Devo fundraiser and its all about fun, so be prepared!
Some posts on Devo blog from stxc’s of yesteryears.
Check out Durango Devo.com for more info.

Chad Cheeney