US 550/160 Redesign Update

Thomas Humphrey recently sent me an update on the US160/550 intersection redesign. It looks like the new intersection will include bike lanes and bike accommodations! Read on for the letter from Tommy. -SC


The US 160/550 Durango CFI project website has been updated and includes a link to a bike infrastructure presentation in the left hand column if you’re interested.  At the last minute I put together and ran the presentation on a projector at the DEVO bike swap.  Some slides are a little blurry since I had to compress the file size in order to get it posted.
A couple of changes since the presentation:
1.  I’m working on is to see if we can take the bike lane re-stripe of US 160 W to Tech center where the shoulders widen out.
2.  Still investigating the black around the white bicycle symbols on the green.  The pictures were of thermoplastic pavement markings and we’re using MMA as it is far more durable than thermoplastic in our winter climates.  White on green doesn’t look too bad…
3.  The detector we’re testing out is now slated for US 550 (Camino) and 9th street, not 27th.  We’ve been having issues with the detector type that’s at Trimble.
As far as the large overhead sign, it has been replaced with signs similar to:
My supervisors in Durango have been very supportive of everything mentioned above.  Also, Betsy Jacobsen, CDOT Bike Ped Coordinator, has been huge in making things happen (The CDOT Bike Ped Policies, state law, CDOT Design Guide Chapter, Federal Highway Administration approval to use green bike lanes, etc.)
Super busy, but I wanted to give you an update.

Thomas Humphrey, PE I
CDOT Region 5, T&S

3803 N. Main Ave., Suite 100
Durango, CO 81301

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