DWC TT Series Venues (and Championships Courses)

DWC TT Series / DWC Championships Venues

(Note: We are again able to use Google Maps and  now (June 2016) have updated many of the clickable links into a usable form.)

Courses with significant (and sustained) climbing are noted as “Hillclimbs” – (i.e.,  probably best to leave the TT bike at home)

2016 DWC Championships

DWC Championships La Posta TT Course (new map)

Start @River Road Bridge (Behind Home Depot) Turnaround @ MM3, Finish @ Weaselskin Bridge

GRAVEL GRINDERS (road rides on unpaved roads)

Texas Creek – DWCC GG TT course (new map)

14.5 miles – Start on Texas Creek Road (CR 245) just off Florida Road (CR 240), East to CR 502, CR 502 to turnaround, back  to CR 245. Finish is shortened to avoid  the steep final descent.

Long Hollow/ Dryside  – DWCC GG RR TT course ( new map)

31.5 miles, 1800 feet of climbing  The Start/Finish is on CR 136 at the Hesperus Substation .8 mile south of CR 141 (take Wildcat Canyon Road, turn left at Mile Marker 8).
All county roads.
South on 136, R on 131, L on 133, L on 134 (Marvel), L on 136.
N on 136, L on 131, R on 129, R on 128, L on 136, N on 136 to finish

2016 DWCC MTB TT (New Map)

Start/Finish at Sale Barn Trailhead/ Cowboy/Big Canyon/South Rim Trail/ Sale Barn to Start/Finish
Total length about 8 miles with ~1050 feet of climbing
Google Map Satellite view
Strava Segment: http://www.strava.com/segments/8071022


 Sweeneys Loop(s) (new map)

Start/Finish  @ North End – Sweeney’s (West of 550 opposite Iron Horse Inn) , 1 or 2 loops
CR 203, Trimble, Highway 550,  CR 203,  9.5/19 miles

LaPosta 20/40K (new map)

Start/Finish @ Bridge behind Home Depot, Turnarounds @ MM7 (20K) and 900 ft. S of MM1 (40K),

North Valley (BackBreaker) Rider’s Choice 11.3/24.3 mi. (new map)

Start @ Colorado Timberline Academy  Turnoff/Entrance (South/before MM 35)
Finish @ Mile Marker 33


Coal Bank Road Race  (new map)

Start @ Trimble Crossing, Trimble lane to CR 250, Old Shalona Highway 550
28.75 Miles, 4350  feet of climbing

Coal Bank Hill Climb (new map)

Start @ Cascade Village, (directly opposite entrance)
5.8 Miles, 1800 foot elevation gain

OShalectra Hillclimb

Start @ Mitchell Lakes Road turnoff on CR 250, North to Highway 550, Finish at high point before Needles Store 10 miles, 2250 ft of climbing

Hesperus Hill (Hillclimb)

Highway 160 West Start @ Roosa Avenue, Finish @ powerlines
9.3 Miles, 1700 ft elevation gain

Haviland Hillclimb

Start @ CTA Entrance
Highway 550 to Haviland Lake turnoff
6.3 miles, 1600 feet of climbing


Full OMEGA (Shalona)- Hillclimb Finish 

Start @ North End, Iron Horse Inn
Highway 550, Trimble lane, CR 250 ,Shalona
14.8 Miles 1250 total feet of climbing w/~600 ft. finishing climb


Start @ Iron Horse Inn, Highway 550, Trimble to East Animas,   Turnaround @ Celadon, Finish @ Stevens Creek Hump


Start @Iron Horse Inn (North End), N on Highway 550, E on Trimble Lane, N on East Animas (CR 250), Turnaround @ Elkhorn Road (1 mi N of Missionary Ridge), W on Trimble Lane, Finish @ Trimble Crossing  14.6 Miles 

“Junction Falls (new map)”

Out-and-back, 14.7 miles  – about 1000 feet of climbing
(Alas, with too many blind driveways and NEW 3 way stop sign, this will probably not be used again)
Start @Miller Middle School, Junction Street North past city limits, Junction Creek Road (CR 204) to CR 205, R on CR 205 (past Turtle Lake) to turnaround@ Falls Creek entrance (end of pavement), CR 205 to CR 204 intersection, RIGHT on CR 204 at stop sign , .6 mi to turnaround @ Colorado Trail parking (end of pavement) , CR 204/Junction Street, finish at Miller Middle School Start


 DWC Championships Road Race North Valley

Start @Frontage Road near MM33, Clockwise: Hwy 550 to CR 250, Baker’s Bridge, Trimble Lane, Hwy. 550, Finish @ Hot Springs Hump

1 lap= ~ 13 miles, Total course length varies by class

2013 DWC Championships MTB TT

Start/Finish @ Meadow Entrance – Horse Gulch
Meadow, Stacy’s, Cuchillo, Mikes(clockwise), Stacy’s, Meadow

5.4 mi

2012 DWC Championships MTB TT
Start/Finish  @ Meadow Entrance – Horse Gulch
Meadow, Stacy’s, Cuchillo ,  5 miles

Past Courses

 “P” Course Start @ Iron Horse Inn

2008 Championships – North Valley

2007 Championships – S. La Posta