9/7/13 Saturday Group Ride: Le Deux Citrons

With most of the summer traffic mayhem behind us, and warm weather in the forecast, let’s revisit one of our old favorites; Lemon – Vallecito – Lemon (aka Le Deux Citrons)

Meet at the Durango Sports Club on Florida Road at 9 AM. The C Group will ride to Lemon Reservoir and back, the B Group will ride to Vallecito after riding to Lemon, and the A Group will ride to Lemon, continue on to Vallecito, and then ride to Lemon again before heading back to the Sports Club.

Meeting Time: 9 AM
Meeting Place: Durango Sports Club (on CR 240)
Who: 2013 Current Members
NWS weather:

A Group Regroups; Edgemont 2nd entrance, Lemon, Vallecito, Lemon.
B Group Regroups; Edgemont 2nd entrance, Vallecito, Lemon.
C Group Regroups; Edgemont 2nd entrance, Lemon.


Climber’s Sprint: Big Pinecone at Edgemont Highlands

Sprinter’s Sprint: Town Line Sign

Meet at bread after the ride for a cookie or GF brownie, or a bottle of San Pellegrino or a sandwich… (hungry when I wrote this).

Map of ride: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/103198961

IMPORTANT: For safety and legal concerns, ALL DWC group rides and races are open to Current DWC members who have signed our Liability Waiver. All members are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Members are reminded that Colorado Law states we are allowed to ride a MAXIMUM of 2 abreast and only when we are not impeding traffic. When in doubt please ride single file!