Friday 11/8/13 @ 10:15 am — Finish Betsy’s Ride!

When: 10:15am
Where: Centennial Shopping Center, Durango
What: Bike Ride and Lunch to celebrate Betsy’s recovery and honor cyclists who have not survived encounters with vehicles.

At 10:15 Am, on November 8, 2012, Betsy Richards set out on a routine bike ride down La Posta Road. She never finished her ride. At 10:31 AM she was run over by a truck on a highway frontage road. Betsy survived 6 weeks in the hospital and 20+ hours of surgery. She has more surgery this November. Join Betsy on November 8, 2013 to celebrate her ongoing recovery from that horrific day, honor cyclists who have not been so fortunate, and, finally, to help her finish her ride.

Meet at the Centennial Center (Office Depot) parking lot at 10:15 for a small ceremony to help her cast off the demons of the past year (wheelchairs, walkers, diapers) and for a brief moment of silence to honor cyclists who have not survived encounters with cars.

We will build a shrine at Durango Coffee Co. Drive Thru prior to the ride. If you want to contribute to the shrine feel free to bring an offering.

At 10:31 we will pick up where she left off last year and continue her ride down La Posta Road to Bondad. We’ll eat lunch at the Nature’ Oasis Deli after the ride. Nature’s Oasis will offer a “Bionic Betsy Red Chili” lunch special to celebrate Betsy’s Ride! Serious Delights Bakery will be offering a gluten free chocolate dessert.

Feel free to participate in only a portion of the events: the shrine offering, the ride, or lunch. We simply would like to see you.

For additional information please contact: Joel Richards [email protected]