DWC TT Series Begins TODAY! Thursday 4/17

Meet at the Iron Horse Inn north driveway entrance.
Sign-up with Ken at 5:30, first rider off ASAP!

Route: Flattened Omega

Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/7830674

Description: 15 miles, roughly 400 feet of climbing. Starts at Iron Horse Inn, north on US 550, RT on Trimble, LT on CR 250, turnaround at intersection of CR 250 and Elk Mtn. Road. Finish at Trimble Crossing. This course has three short climbs and three descents; important for the guys and gals going to the Gila to do rolling terrain that both climbs and descends.

IMPORTANT: Stay off the road when you are milling around the start and finish!