DWC Omega TT: (Practice – not part of the TT series) April 24 @ 5:30PM

Ken is out of town,  so the official timing is out of the picture.  This is not part of the official DWC TT series.   Self timing will be the rule of the afternoon/evening.   Despite lack of official timing/results, it is still very motivating to be making the TT effort with other people who have started 30 seconds in front or behind you.  Here is an option if you want to get out there and tax your legs in preparation for some of the bigger races coming.  We may be able to get some unofficial results for those of you who are on STRAVA.  (No guarantees on this)

Perhaps see you there?
Bob K.

DWC Omega TT: Iron Horse Inn-Trimble-Top Old Shalona
15 miles – distance
1193 ft elevation gain
Meet at the Iron Horse Inn north driveway entrance.
No sign-up, first rider off ASAP!
Route:  Starts at Iron Horse Inn, north on US 550, RT on Trimble, LT on CR 250.  Continue past Bakers Bridge and turn right on the Old Shalona climb.   Finish at the top.