Vote NOW for Chapman Hill Bike Park to win Bell Built Grant

The Deadline for voting is May 4th! If you haven’t voted yet do it NOW! This is a great way to get outside funding for a community bike project! -Spencer

We’re ahead of Indiana but a little behind Chicago and Minneapolis!! We can still do it!!

It takes less than one minute to vote HERE:

Thank you for your support to help Chapman Hill Bike Park and Durango win the Bell Built Grant! Voting is now live, and Trails 2000 needs your help to win! Please vote, and share on your social media/email with your friends, family, coworkers, partnering organizations and all lovers of the trails, outdoors, Durango and Colorado. Voting is live until May 4, winner announced May 5. As you know, we need all hands on deck to win over larger cities like Chicago and Minneapolis, but we know our combined resources and efforts can get us there!

For more info on this Trails 2000 project, visit:

Thank You!

P.S. Other than my little sentence at the top of this post, the above text was lifted from the City of Durango Momentum newsletter (Thanks Amber!). If you don’t get Momentum you should! Click here to sign-up!