7/26/14 Saturday Ride: Vallecito – Texas Creek Combo

This week we will ride to the Vallecito dam and then return via CR 502 (Texas Creek). CR 502 is in great condition and there is much less traffic on this route than on the usual return.

Meet: 9AM at Durango Sports Club
Who: All are welcome!

Route: DSC to Edgemont (regroup) to Vallecito dam (regroup) to CR 501 – 502 – 228 – 225 – 237 – 240 – DSC
Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/483727062

Note: Part of this route is on well maintained dirt roads. A road bike with road tires will work fine, but an extra tube is (always) a good idea!

NWS Weather forecast for Durango: http://tiny.cc/0n3auw

IMPORTANT: All members are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Members are reminded that Colorado Law states we are allowed to ride a MAXIMUM of 2 abreast and only when we are not impeding traffic. When in doubt please ride single file!