10/11/14 DWC Group ride: Purgatory Pavilion

Meeting Time: 10 AM
Meeting Place: Durango Community Recreation Center
Who: All are Welcome!**
National Weather Service for Durango: http://tiny.cc/3hpinx (fixed link!)
Route: US 550 N to Trimble to CR 250 (Old Shalona) to US 550 N to Purgatory Pavilion, return via US 550 S & CR 203
Regroup: Purgatory Pavilion.
MapMyRide Map: http://tiny.cc/w9ahnx

‘C’ Ride Option: Ride to top of Old Shalona, return via CR 250 to bread!

SPRINT: The big Welcome to Durango sign on US 550. You MUST stay on the shoulder for the sprint; DQ and public flogging for crossing the white line!

**IMPORTANT: All participants are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Colorado Law states we are allowed to ride a MAXIMUM of 2 abreast and only when we are not impeding traffic. When in doubt please ride single file!