Amy Colyar Accident: Update 10/22/14


NOTE: Most of this info is from Facebook, which is also a great way to send you messages of healing and happiness to Amy (Click here to get to Amy’s FB page). If you aren’t on FB and you want something posted send it to me and I’ll post it on your behalf. -Spencer


UPDATE 10/22/14

From Matt Philips’ FB page:

An update on Amy Colyar’s recovery. We drove up to Denver (and home) yesterday for a follow up with Dr. Jeremy Jannuzzi, the surgeon who repaired Amy’s jaw and stitched her face back together the day of the accident. He was extremely pleased with the speed and results of the healing of her external injuries, and said the jaw fractures seemed to be healing on schedule as well.

He removed all the visible stitches (there are still some in her mouth that will dissolve) and took the wires out of her jaw. The wires, however, were replaced with strong rubber bands, so effectively her jaw is still “wired” shut and will be for another few weeks so the Blendtec won’t be getting rest anytime soon.

>>>Side note: if you know of any delicious and highly nutritious smoothie or soup recipes that are straw-compatible, please send them my way.<<<

Today, Amy went to the hand therapist. The post-op dressing was taken off and she was fitted with a much smaller, and removable, splint. Mary, the therapist, massaged the hand to loosen it up, and gave Amy lots of exercises to loosen and strengthen the hand. The external fixing pin sticking out of her finger is a bit weird, but that’ll come out in a few weeks when the bone graft sets up.

Amy is walking every day and even riding the trainer a bit. The pain is almost gone, so she’s off the hard stuff and just taking a little bit of liquid Tylenol every once in a while.

We are both very grateful for all the messages of love and support, the cards and flowers (our house looks like a floral shop), all the visitors who have come by with food, gifts and laughs, and to Lance & Marilyn, Amy’s parents, who flew to Durango to provide a few days of much-appreciated help. And, of course to Smokey and Daisy, our cats, who have been sacrificing their bodies to keep Amy warm. 🙂

Note: pics of Amy can be found on Matt’s FB page


UPDATE 10/15/14

From Matt Philips’ FB page:

Amy Colyar had surgery to repair her left pinky finger this morning. According to the awesome Dr. Kane Andersen, the surgery went excellent and Amy was chatting the whole time.  She’ll have a external fixing pin in it for a few weeks, but she’ll be good as new in no time. With this procedure done, all the big stuff is over for Amy. Please continue to send those messages of support and love. They bring her a lot of comfort and happiness and are a big part of the healing process.

UPDATE 10/14/14

According to Matt, Amy was able to get out and walk today!

UPDATE 10/13/14

Amy and Matt are back home in Durango. Matt’s FB page has a pic of Amy in the hospital and remarkably, she is smiling. Matt has been writing updates on Amy on his FB page.

UPDATE 10/12/14

Report from Matt: Amy’s jaw was broken in 2 places. She had surgery on her jaw in Denver last night along with some plastic surgery. She will need additional surgery on left had that can be done in Durango. She is sore, and will need to have jaw wired shut for 3 weeks.

Matt is with Amy now, and she should be released from hospital tonight…

10/12/14 8:25am

On Saturday 10/11/14 Amy Colyar hit a large orange safety cone and crashed. She suffered a broken jaw and other injuries and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She did not lose consciousness. At last check she was awaiting transport to a different hospital to have surgery. I will post any updates to her condition here.

Amy was traveling south on US 550 between Needles and Haviland Lake when it happened. She was off the back of the main group with myself and another rider. Amy was moving from the driving lane to the shoulder after avoiding a cone that was knocked down across the shoulder (cones were large 4′ safety cones). The main group (roughly 12) was too far up ahead to know that anything had happened, but a total of Six riders stopped and three cars stopped to help her including an ER tech and an EMT with a first aid kit. The two of them began administering first aid right away. Someone dialed 911 and an ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. Amy was taken to MRMC.

I spoke to her Husband Matt who was out of the state. At last check he was traveling back to ASAP to meet Amy in either Grand Junction or Farmington.

I know a lot of you want to help support Amy and Matt. As soon as I learn more about what we can to to help out I’ll let you all know.